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Information about cookies on the website:

As part of our websites, in order to adapt our services and products to the individual requirements of the User, we store and gain access to information ("cookies") located on the User's device. The conditions for storing or gaining access to cookies can be specified by the User using the software settings installed on the User's end device, e.g. a web browser.

Respecting the privacy of Users of our websites, we use the Privacy Protection Policy.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Protection Policy sets out the rules for the processing and protection of personal data obtained from Users when using the JaneKy art website, operating at , (hereinafter the "Website"),

"User" within the meaning of the Privacy Protection Policy means a natural person using the Website.

By using the Website, the User agrees to the terms and conditions described in this Privacy Policy.

Personal data

Pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data ("Regulation") "Website", informs that he is the administrator of personal data provided by Users in connection with or while using the Website. Personal data is processed in accordance with the Regulation, and in cases required by its content, with the consent of the User.

The "Website" only collects data that is necessary to conclude the contract and provide the service selected by the User, answer questions directed to the "Website", marketing own services and provide information about its offer.

In cases required by the Regulation, the User consents to the processing of his personal data in electronic form by checking the appropriate box during registration or another procedure aimed at enabling the use of the Website. The user may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.

Providing data marked on the Website as required is voluntary, however it is necessary to conclude the contract and provide the service to the User

The basis for the Website to process personal data provided by the User is the need to perform the contract and, at the User's request, to take the necessary steps before concluding it (Article 6 (1) (b) of the Regulation). In the case of marketing of own services and sending information about the offer by the Website to the e-mail address provided by the User, the basis for the processing of User's personal data is the implementation of the Website's legally justified interest (Article 6 paragraph 1 point f) of the Regulation). Data processing for the purpose of providing information about products and services by the Website enables the User to provide information about the current offer. If the Newsletter service is provided to the User, the basis for data processing is the User's consent (Article 6 paragraph 1 point b) of the Regulation), which the User may revoke at any time.

The User's personal data will be stored in a form that allows the User to be identified for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the law. Personal data will therefore be stored for the period necessary to perform the contract and provide the service selected by the User. After this time, the data will be processed for the period necessary to resolve any potential disputes that may arise in connection with the services rendered, e.g. related to claims (this period will include the limitation period for claims arising from the contract, in accordance with applicable regulations).

User's rights and obligations

The User has the right to access the content of personal data and the right to request supplementing, updating, transferring, limiting processing, rectification of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or their removal if they are incomplete, outdated, incorrect or have been collected in violation of the law or they are no longer needed to achieve the purpose for which they were collected.

In the case of processing User's data for the purpose of marketing the service and own products, the User may at any time submit a written and reasoned request to stop processing his data due to his special situation or object to the processing of his data for this purpose.

The Website enables the User to delete his personal data from the data set at the User's request or pursuant to the provisions of the Regulation.

Additional information about cookies:

Cookies are text files that are saved on the disk of the User's end device, used to recognize the User's device when reconnecting to the website using cookies.

Cookies are not used to determine the identity of the User, but allow you to more accurately determine the individual needs of the User using the device and thus offer services better and more tailored to his requirements, as well as to facilitate connection with websites of interest to the User.

Cookie files are also used by the Website for the purposes of:

statistical - which allows you to create statistics for the operation of websites and visits of Users for internal purposes and contractors,

presentation and personalization of marketing messages displayed on a given end device.

The user may not agree to place cookies on his end device. To do this, use the option to disable the download and storage of cookies in your web browser. The way to disable the option of downloading and storing cookies in popular web browsers is provided by the browser provider.

Deleting cookies may lead to the loss of the ability to use some of the Website's website functionalities.

Other data

In some cases, the Website collects certain types of information automatically during a User's visit to the Website or via e-mail addresses. Such operational data related to the use of the Website (IP address and port, browser ID, addresses of visited pages) are stored in aggregate and autonomous form and are not disclosed to third parties. These data are used to better understand and improve the operation, functionality and performance of the Website, and to generate statistics helpful in administering the Website.

Data Security

In order to secure the User's personal data against disclosure to unauthorized persons, collection by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of applicable laws and change, loss, damage or destruction, technical and organizational measures are applied to protect the processed personal data appropriate to the threats and categories of data protected .


The Website User may at any time contact the Website in order to obtain information on whether and how the Website uses or intends to use his personal data as well as to report any events affecting the security of information and data transmission. For this purpose, the User should use the e-mail address:

Change in the Privacy Protection Policy

The Website reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy and at the same time ensures that the User's rights under this document will not be limited without his consent. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the website

Contact with the supervisory authority

In all matters related to the processing of User's personal data and the application and implementation of this Privacy Policy, the User has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.